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new drink, Patio Diet Cola, in Greenville,.C., and seems to be beaming its campaign mainly at the feminine market. The 75-centiliter bottle holds.36 ounces, a mere fraction less than the American 'fifth.' But there has been a trend, particularly in France, to switch to a slightly smaller bottle, holding 72 centiliters. 1911 "Beef Tea II 1 lb beefsteak, cut from round 2 cups cold water salt Remove fat, wipe and cut beef in small pieces or put through meat chopper. Then he pushed the mixture forward-and thie first Manhattan cocktail in the world was born. Some recipes do not call for Cointreau or brandy: the sangria can perfectly well be made without them. It is well to moisten the ginger in a little cold water before adding it to the whole amount of water. Alcoholic: Distilled spirits: rum, whiskey, gin, bourbon, rye Fortified wines: black currant, blackberry, currant, grape, gooseberry Brandies: blackberry, cherry, Punch : claret, champagne, egg nog, sack posset shrub. The problem was the cream. "Beer is one of the world's most favorite drinks, and most Americans think of it as just that and nothing more.

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But for me in the States it sinks. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola this week have put two major new low-calorie soft drink products into test markets, and the other new products are in the offing. Bring all this slowly to boiling point, skim, and stand aside to cool. The labryinth has been used by many culures through the ages. Meanwhile, you are probably recalling my statement that the modern cocktail was invented in 1846, and wondering how I will prove.