Humulin r 500 coupon

humulin r 500 coupon

supplements. Make sure you know how to draw up your dose with a U-500 syringe. Humuli-500 KwikPen meets the current dose accuracy and functional requirements of ISO 11608-1:2014. See the end of this Patient Information leaflet for a complete list of ingredients in Humulin R U-500. More severe episodes with coma, seizure, or neurologic impairment may be treated with intramuscular/subcutaneous glucagon or concentrated intravenous glucose. The prescribed dose of humuli-500 should always be expressed in units of insulin see Dosage and Administration (.4 ). Other syringes will not measure your dose correctly. Tap the Cartridge Holder gently to collect air bubbles at the top. Use Humulin R U-500 exactly as your healthcare provider tells you. Geriatric Use The effect of age on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of humuli-500 has not been studied.

You may dial the wrong dose. If these reactions persist, or if you have any other bothersome side effects, inform your doctor. Patients with renal or hepatic impairment may be at higher risk of hypoglycemia see Use in Specific Populations (.6,.7 ). The Dose Indicator should line up with your dose. your healthcare provider may prescribe a glucagon emergency kit so that others can give you an injection if your blood sugar becomes too low (hypoglycemic) and you are unable to take sugar by mouth. Do not shake the vial. Accidental mix-ups between humuli-500 and other insulins have been reported. Example: 80 units shown in Dose Window Example: 125 units shown in Dose Window The Pen will not let you dial more than the number of units left in the Pen. The rate of insulin absorption and consequently the onset of activity is known to be affected by the site of injection, exercise, and other variables see Warnings and Precautions (.3 ). Humalog Manufacturer Coupon, view Manufacturer Coupon. Press the injection site lightly with a piece of gauze or an alcohol swab.

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