Extreme couponing binder

extreme couponing binder

item out on a deal where you have to buy 2 to save, you could miss out on savings. It makes it worth my time to check prices. Shopping Cart 6 Pocket Page These pages are great for the tall, skinny coupons we get each week. Dont feel like you have failed if you didnt get the best deal.

Then youll have more time to find other coupons to match up with. If you want to try couponing, start with one store. Does your store allow double couponing or using more than one coupon per product? About half the time, Ive found these items on sale or even with a buy one get one free deal! With a coupon and on sale, the cheapest I have gotten this is 1 at CVS.

Focus on the one store where you frequent the most and continue from there. The reason for having a stockpile is not to become a hoarder, but it allows you to buy stuff only when its on sale. Yes, coupons are great, but dont let it become an addiction where you buy something just because you have a coupon and its on sale. If you use paper inserts cut and place them in each pocket. Sometimes the store circular isnt clear or has misprints. The caveat is that there are print limits on some of the coupons set by the manufacturers.

Extreme Couponing Save money with eCoupons

extreme couponing binder